Charaben Easy Wiener Sausage Flower Garnish

Charaben Easy Wiener Sausage Flower Garnish

This is about as easy as making little octopuses with wiener sausages! I was asked how to make it, so here you go.


Wiener sausage
2 flowers from 1 sausage


1. Cut the wiener sausage in half.
2. Using an icing tip, cut a small circle in the center of the cut face of the sausages, but do not carve out the meat.
3. Prepare a sharp knife. Cut four lines, one at a time, in a cross pattern without cutting through the center circle.
4. Cut into 8 parts. It's fine if they're shallow cuts.
5. When cooking, hold the wiener sausages with your fingers and press the cut portion of the wieners onto the frying pan. Cook through the other sides as usual. Season as you'd like.
6. This is what it may look like packed in your bento.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make my bentos a little cuter. I just kind of winged it and made a rather pretty item that I now frequently put into my bento box.