Easy Baked Sandwich Bread Rusk in the Toaster Oven

Easy Baked Sandwich Bread Rusk in the Toaster Oven

Just 10 minutes!
I eat this with my 1 yr 9 month old son.
This is a crunchy rusk made with margarine.

Ingredients: 32 pieces

White sandwich bread (from an 8-slice loaf)
2 slices
to taste
Sugar sticks
1 stick
about 20 g
Cinnamon sugar
to taste


1. Cut the bread vertically into 4 sticks. Place them on a paper towel and microwave for 1 1/2 minutes. Flip them over and microwave again.
2. Spread the margarine onto the bread and cut into small pieces. Place on aluminum foil and sprinkle with sugar.
3. Toast for 3 minutes in the toaster oven. They taste delicious if you sprinkle them with cinnamon sugar while they're still hot.
4. Melt chocolate in a double boiler and spread onto the bread. Even just a thin coating is delicious. Enjoy once it's dried!
5. You can make croutons too! If you don't add any flavor, these can become croutons.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made these because I had won some Rama Brand margarine.