Seven Colored Inari Sushi with Black Rice

Seven Colored Inari Sushi with Black Rice

These are inari sushi made with shiny purple mixed rice.

Ingredients: 10 inari sushi using 2 rice cooker cups of rice

Black rice
2 tablespoons
White rice
2 rice cooker cups (360 ml)
Edamame (A - in the pods) (B - shelled)
100 g of A, 50 g of B
Corn kernels
30 g
Carrots (2 mm julienne)
1/6 of a carrot
Aburaage (small ones, about 11 x 6 cm square)
Chirimen jako
30 g
White toasted sesame seeds (or golden sesame seeds if you have them)
2 tablespoons
〇 Dashi stock
250 ml
〇 Soy sauce
2 tablespoons
〇 Sugar
2 1/2 tablespoons
〇 Mirin
4 tablespoons
◎ Sake
1 tablespoon
◎ Kombu to made dashi stock (to cook the rice)
10 cm piece
◆ Vinegar
5 tablespoons
◆ Sugar
3 tablespoons
◆ Salt
1 teaspoon
◆ You could also use commercial sushi vinegar


1. Rinse the rice, drain into a fine mesh sieve and leave for about 15 minutes. Put the rice in the bowl of a rice cooker with the carrot, black rice, ◎ sake and ◎ kombu, and cook with just a little less water than usual (about 2 mm lower than the regular rice setting).
2. Slice the aburaage into halves so each half makes a little pouch. ※Roll gently with a rolling pin (over plastic wrap) if they're difficult to open up.
3. Pour boiling water over the opened up aburaage to get rid of the surface oil. Simmer for about 20 minutes in the dashi stock, soy sauce an mirin, covered with a small lid sitting directly on the contents of the pan (otoshibuta).
4. When the aburaage is cooked and the sauce reduced, turn the heat off and leave to rest in the pan until cool.
5. The flavor of the simmered aburaage varies on the soy sauce you use, so adjust to taste.
6. Mix the ◆ ingredients together, or use bottled sushi vinegar. When the rice has finished cooking, take out the kombu and mix in the edamame and corn while still hot. Close the rice cooker after you've added these and leave it on the keep-warm setting for about 3 minutes.
7. Make the sushi rice: Turn the hot rice out into a bowl, Add the sushi vinegar (or the combined ◆ ingredients and mix in while fanning the rice. When the rice has cooled down a bit add the chirimen jako and sesame seeds.
8. Stuff the sushi rice attractively in the simmered aburaage pockets to finish.
9. I also have a recipe for Seven Color Mixed Rice Using Black Rice (Recipe ID: 2121045).

Story Behind this Recipe

This is an adaptation of inari sushi that were packed in a bento I got from a ryoutei (high-end Japanese restaurant). These are seven-color inari sushi featuring purple, sticky and beautiful black rice.
The seven colors are: Black rice (black and purple); shirasuboshi (white, boiled salted tiny sardines); carrots (orange); corn kernels (yellow); sesame seeds (gold); and edamame (green).
(Note: the number 7 is a lucky number in Japan)