Crostata (Italian Preserve Tart)

Crostata (Italian Preserve Tart)

The crunchy crust and the jam go very well together. The tart will have a lighter flavor if you use margarine, and it will be richer if you use butter.

Ingredients: one 18 cm diameter tart

★Cake flour
120 g
★Almond flour
30 g
★Granulated sugar
40 g
Margarine (or butter)
60 g
20 g
Your choice of jam or marmalade
100-200 g
Egg for the glaze (optional)
10-20 g


1. Put all the ★ ingredients in a bowl, add the margarine and work the mixture with your hands until its texture resembles panko. Add the beaten egg and mix with a rubber spatula.
2. When the dough has been roughly mixed, put it in a plastic bag, gather and press it together into one piece and let it sit in the refrigerator for about an hour.
3. Cut open the plastic bag, place the dough on top of the bag, dust flour on the surface of the dough, cover with plastic wrap, then roll out to a thickness of 3 mm. Return the crust to the refrigerator for 30 minutes, leaving the plastic wrap on top.
4. Remove the top layer of plastic wrap, place the tart pan on top of the crust and cut the crust slightly larger than the tart mold. Turn over the crust together with the plastic bag.
5. With the plastic bag still covering the crust, line the tart mold with the dough. Roll a rolling pin over the top of the tart mold to neatly trim off the excess crust.
6. Chill the leftover crust in the refrigerator. Fill the crust with as much jam as you like (adjust the amount of jam depending on its flavor and sweetness).
7. Roll out the remaining crust and cut into 1-cm wide strips and place in a lattice over the jam. Fold the edges in, then place more crust along the edges, if there is any dough left over. Then brush the surface with the beaten egg.
8. Bake in an oven preheated to180℃ for about 30 minutes. Reduce the oven temperature to 170℃ when the tart becomes golden brown. At the same time, place a sheet of aluminum foil on top to prevent it from burning and to bake it through well.
9. The tart tends to be quite soft just out of the oven, so let it cool in the tart mold to prevent it from falling apart. Take it out of the mold and slice into portions once cooled down.

Story Behind this Recipe

I usually make crostata with butter, but it turned out lighter when I used margarine. If you use a one-use aluminium pan (the kind you use to cook when camping) to bake this, you can give it to someone as a gift.
You could also make this recipe with 150 g cake flour, or substitute some of the cake flour with wheat flour, which makes it crunchy and delicious.