Nanohana & Shimeji Mushroom Namul

Nanohana & Shimeji Mushroom Namul

It's ready in just 10 minutes! This namul uses very fragrant 100% pure sesame oil and seasonal nanohana. There's no garlic in it, so it's good for bentos too.

Ingredients: 4 servings

200 g
Shimeji mushrooms
100 g
Sesame oil
2 tablespoons
Salt, ichimi spice
to taste


1. Boil the nanohana in salted water. Transfer to cold water and then squeeze the nanohana well to remove the excess liquid. Cut into 3 cm long pieces.
2. Remove the stems from the shimeji mushrooms and break apart into small clumps. Boil the mushrooms and then drain.
3. Add the nanohana from Step 2 and the shimeji mushrooms from Step 3 to a bowl and toss with the pure sesame oil, salt, and ichimi spice.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was asked to make a side dish menu item for spring using in-season nanohana. The combination of the slightly bitter nanohana with the mild pure sesame oil is extraordinary.