Easy Homemade Kinako Made with Leftover Beans

Easy Homemade Kinako Made with Leftover Beans

Beans are essential for Setsubun Festival (celebrating the first day of spring), but there tends to be lots of leftovers after the bean throwing festivity, so I use the leftover beans to make kinako soy bean flour.


Leftover roasted beans from Setsubun
as many as you want


1. For a more aromatic kinako, roast the beans in a frying pan beforehand. Then whirl in a blender.
2. It's done when the texture is fine and powdery (pass through a sieve for an even finer texture).
3. Add sugar and salt as you like, and enjoy in desserts or smoothies.
4. I served the kinako with homemade warabi mochi. To make easy warabi mochi in the microwave, check out Recipe ID: 1135114.

Story Behind this Recipe

We had lots of leftover Setsubun beans since we are supposed to eat an amount equal to our age in the festival (my husband is 29, I am 25, and my daughter is 1 year old), so I created this recipe. My husband loves kinako with warabi mochi.