Easy & Cute Heart Tamagoyaki

Easy & Cute Heart Tamagoyaki

Pack these pink tamagoyaki in your bento, or serve for breakfast! This has a very mild taste, so it's great to serve to kids! Season the rolls to your liking.


1 teaspoon or more
Season with whatever you prefer, such as
Usukuchi soy sauce
1/3 teaspoon
Mirin or sugar
1/3 teaspoon


1. Beat the eggs, and divide into 2 portions (one portion should have slightly less than the other).
2. Add ketchup to the lesser portion, and soy sauce and mirin (or sugar) to the other.
3. [First Roll] Pour the ketchup egg mixture into the pan, spread it all over, and cook. Roll up from the farthest end, wrapping the roll to the other end of the pan. *Avoid browning for a beautiful finish.
4. [Second Roll] Pour the other egg mixture into the pan, spread it all over, and roll the cooked ketchup layer up inside it.
5. Cut into 4 (or how many pieces you like).
6. Slice diagonally.
7. Flip one half over, put the centers together to form a heart, and it's done.
8. You could form the tamagoyaki into a four-leaf clover and stuff it in your bento.
9. You could add more ketchup for a brighter pink color, but the egg mixture will become soggy and hard to form, so I suggest 1 teaspoon for a pastel pink hue.
10. The tamagoyaki in most of the pictures were made with 1 teaspoon of ketchup, but the profile photo and Step 8 was with 2 teaspoons (and it was difficult to roll).

Story Behind this Recipe

I remembered that when I was young, I saw this tamagoyaki recipe on a kids' cooking show and often used to make it.

Pack this in your bento for cherry-blossom viewing, in charaben, or when you are making bento for someone dear to you.