Cute Bento for the Doll Festival!

Cute Bento for the Doll Festival!

It's Doll Festival! How about making a cute bento with Japanese dolls?


Cooked white rice
use as much as you like
Nori seaweed
to taste
Imitation crab meat sticks
a small amount
as needed
as needed


1. Wrap the rice in plastic wrap and shape into balls.
2. Make the face and hair parts. The hair, eyes, nose, and mouth are nori. The cheeks are crab meat sticks.
3. Make the inner layer of the kimonos. Cut out the cheese and ham as shown in the picture. Girl - ham Boy - cheese
4. Put the kimono parts onto the rice balls.
5. Make the outer layer of the kimonos. Cut the nori and crabsticks like in the picture. Girl - crab sticks (remove the white part) Boy - nori
6. Put the outer layer of the kimonos on top of the inner layers. Trim the bottom of the boy's kimono.
7. Add the hair made from nori. Wrap in plastic and let rest.
8. Add the face details and you're done!
9. The girl's crown is made by using the top half of a star cutter and then punching small holes.
10. The boy's hat is made by making a small rice ball wrapped in nori and then cut in half. Use pasta to secure it to his head.
11. Put them into the bento box like this!

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make a cute Doll Festival bento!