Easy! Vegan Almond Cream Cheese

Easy! Vegan Almond Cream Cheese

I tried making a rich cream cheese-like dish using raw sliced almonds.


Raw sliced almonds
Approx. 50 g
Olive oil
1 scant tablespoon
to taste
Soy milk
50 ml
Krazy Salt (herbs of your choice/pepper)
to taste


1. Soak the raw almonds in water overnight (I used mineral water).
2. Drain the soaked almonds, and put in a mixer. Add the rest of the ingredients and switch on!
3. Taste the mixture, and season with salt if necessary.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was so impressed with this tasty dish I had at a macrobiotic cafe in the States!
I consulted lots of other recipes to come up with this.
It doesn't taste of cheese, but it is very rich and goes really well with baguettes and crackers!