Mixed-Rice Base with Soy Beans and Canned Mackerel

Mixed-Rice Base with Soy Beans and Canned Mackerel

A nutritious dish that you can stock up for later. Mix it with rice. It's also good as an onigiri filling.

Ingredients: An easy-to-make amount

Soy beans (canned, boiled)
1 can ( 120 g )
Canned mackerel in broth
1 can ( 200 g )
1 knob
Japanese leek
Toasted white sesame seeds
1 tablespoon
Soy sauce
2 tablespoons
2 tablespoons
1 tablespoon
Vegetable oil
2 teaspoons


1. Mince the ginger and Japanese leek, coarsely chop the soy beans.
2. Heat the ginger in a frying pan with oil and add the leek when the ginger becomes aromatic.
3. Add the canned mackerel and sake to the pan then break up the mackerel into small pieces while frying.
4. Add the soy beans, soy sauce and honey and cook on high heat to boil off the liquid.
5. Once the liquid is completely gone, add the sesame seeds and it's ready. Let it cool down and then place in the fridge.
6. This is a photo of the base mixed with rice. I cooled it down to pack into a bento box.

Story Behind this Recipe

When you don't have vegetables in your fridge, you can make it with whatever you you regularly have available.
Make some to keep and to use for bento.