My Homemade Deep-Fried Cheese and Ham Cutlets

My Homemade Deep-Fried Cheese and Ham Cutlets

Just fry some sliced cheese between some slices of ham and it's done. Simple, delicious, and great for sandwiches.

Ingredients: 4-5 servings

20 slices
Sliced cheese (I recommend the non-melting type)
8 slices
1 Large
All purpose flour
180 g
150 ml
140 g
Frying oil
as needed


1. Lay out the slices of ham side by side, and tear up the cheese so that it fits inside one slice. Sandwich another slice of ham on top.
2. Prepare the batter. Beat the egg, add water, then flour, and mix well. Make sure it's on the thick side.
3. Coat the ham in the batter right until the edges and don't let any of the cheese stick out.
4. Dip the ham in plenty of batter, coat it with panko and deep-fry it in 160°C oil for a while. To finish, turn the heat up to 180°C to crisp it up.
5. Deep-fry until golden brown. Wait a little before you cut it in half, or the cheese will ooze out.
6. Add any sauce or mayonnaise that you like. It's delicious in a sandwich too.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I was a child, they would serve this for lunch. I loved it and this recipe brings that flavor back.