Warm and Foamy Sakura Latte - Great for Company Too

Warm and Foamy Sakura Latte - Great for Company Too

The gentle fragrance and light pink color makes me warm and happy. This is a delicious hot sweet with just a hint of salt. Feel free to mix in sake lees and enjoy it as amazake if you like.

Ingredients: 1 mug cup

Your favorite milk
half cup
Your favorite soy milk
half cup
Sakura liqueur (or flower petals, one or the other)
One capful
Pickled salted sakura flowers (or liqueur, one or the other)
1 flower
1/2 to 1 tablespoon
a pinch
Sake lees (optional)
1 tablespoon-to taste


1. If you are adding in sake lees, add a bit of sake lee (I recommend something with large grains) with a bit of hot water, and lightly break it up.
2. Fill the mug half with milk and half with soy milk, then add in the sugar, salt, and liquer, and mix.
3. Now for microwaving. Microwave at 600W for 1-2 minutes. I select the "Drink"→"Level 3" setting on my microwave, and stop it 10 seconds before it finishes for the perfect result.
4. Point : Heating it up to a gentle boil will thicken it up and make it delicious. However if it starts to boil it will separate and splatter about without a moment's notice.
5. Keep watch in front of the microwave even if it's a pain, and stop it the moment the surface starts to gently bubble. Float some washed sakura petals (No need to remove the salt) on the surface, and it is done.
6. Now time to relax. This is a really lovely drink for guests if you serve it to them in a small-sized tea cup.

Story Behind this Recipe

It's hard to find a way to use sakura liqueur, but I buy it to make this. I definitely recommend adding in sake lees if you don't dislike it. Drinking it before going to bed will make you dream of spring.