Salad Roll (with rolling instructions)

Salad Roll (with rolling instructions)

This is a salad roll sushi using an item called [Kaoribako].
How about wrapping 7 items to bring you luck?

Ingredients: 1 whole salad rolled sushi

Nori seaweed
Sushi rice
230 g
Green leaf
1/2 to 1
●Canned tuna ( small )
1/2 can
● Mayonnaise
5 g
Kaoribako ( imitation crab meat )
○ Salt
a small amount
Salmon (sashimi grade)
30 g
Processed cheese
30 g


1. Mix the tuna and the mayonnaise. (Drain the tuna before mixing.) Cut the cucumber vertically in 6 slices. Make a sushi rice and mix it.
2. Mix all ○ ingredients and fry the egg ( this time make an easy scrambled egg ) or you can use the egg rolls you can buy.
3. Spread the nori sheet longer than it is wide and spread the sushi rice on it. Don't put rice on the upper side for about 4 cm (the edge to stick the roll).
4. The red mark shows how I made a small ridge in the sushi rice so that the ingredients won't spill out. The blue marks indicate how the sushi rice is spread close to the edges to keep them nice and full.
5. Line the edge of the seaweed along the edge of the sushi mat.
6. Spread green leaf on and put the ingredients on it thinking about how the color would look when it is ready.
7. Put the cucumber at the end of the ingredients like in the picture.
8. I used just one hand because I was taking a picture but use both hands to roll it. Pinch the side of the sushi mat and the nori with your thumb and index finger and press the cucumber with your middle finger.
9. Press the end with the cucumber and bring the end up like the picture.
10. Then next, press the ingredients with your middle finger and ring finger till where the sushi rice is and roll it.
11. Pull and tighten the sushi mat with either hand while the other hand hold the roll.
12. Pull the sushi mat till the rest of the nori sheet is rolled.
13. Done.

Story Behind this Recipe

The product called "Kaoribako" tastes and feels like a real crab meat.
I wanted to make a gorgeous rolled sushi.
Add the day before calendrical day was close so I put the way to wrap it in the recipe too.
I wish many more people will find the rolling fun.