Chinese Cabbage Stew

Chinese Cabbage Stew

Use up a bunch of leftover Chinese cabbage by making an easy stew with it using commercial stew roux! When you get tired of hot pots with Chinese cabbage, turn into stew! Try the version that goes well with rice too.

Ingredients: uses 1 box of commercially sold stew roux

Chinese cabbage stew
Chicken thighs
the same amount you usually use
Carrots, potatoes, (▲onions)
the same amount you usually use
Any stew roux cubes
1 box
Chinese cabbage
8 to 10 leaves
For a stew that'll go well with rice
Soy sauce
1 tablespoon


1. To make the "stew that goes well with rice" version, just add some soy sauce when you sauté the chicken. It will be more fragrant than adding it later.
2. Sauté the chicken, carrots and potatoes. Prepare the roughly chopped Chinese cabbage.
3. Add 200 ml less water than is indicated on the stew roux box. This is because extra moisture will come out of the Chinese cabbage. When the stew comes to a boil, skim off the scum.
4. When the carrots and potatoes are cooked, add the stew roux. The box says you should simmer for 10 minutes after adding the roux, but I just stir it a few times and add the Chinese cabbage.
5. Even a huge amount of Chinese cabbage will shrink down when you poke it into the stew.
6. When the Chinese cabbage has softened and cooked down, add milk to finish.
7. If you add too much soy sauce to the rice version, you'll become tired of the flavor, so keep it mild.

Story Behind this Recipe

My main objective is to just use up a lot of Chinese cabbage. It's good because it's flavored with the stew roux that everyone loves!
When heating leftovers the next day, it depends on how much is left, but try adding more chopped Chinese cabbage. If half the stew is left over, 2 to 3 leaves should be enough.