Candied Lemon Peel Made The Lazy Way

Candied Lemon Peel Made The Lazy Way

By working on this a little at a time every day, it doesn't become an onerous task to make. The results are candied lemon peels with all the bitterness removed.

Ingredients: 6 lemons worth

Lemon peel
6 lemons worth (about 300 g)
1 teaspoon
Granulated sugar (the same weight as the lemon peel)
300 g


1. Day 1: Cut the lemon peel in any size you like, and soak in water (you can leave it soaking overnight).
2. Boil the lemon peel in plenty of salted boiling water. Simmer over medium heat for 30 minutes after it comes to a boil.
3. Drain the peel into a sieve, soak in cold water and leave overnight.
4. Change the soaking water 2 to 3 times during that time. If you leave the peel in a sieve or colander as it soaks, it's easier to change the water.
5. Day 2: Bring the peel and plenty of plain water to a boil this time. When it comes to a boil, boil for 10 minutes, and drain. Repeat this 3 times. Leave to soak in water again overnight.
6. Day 3: Drain the peel into a sieve. (I leave the peel like this for half a day so that the water can drain off completely. )
7. Mix the peel with the granulated sugar, and leave overnight. The sugar will permeate the peel.
8. Day 4: Cook in a pan until there's no moisture left. If you add some lemon juice (2 lemons worth, not listed) at this time, the peel will become very lemony.
9. They'll become shiny and translucent.
10. Line the peel on a sheet of kitchen parchment paper and leave them to dry. Optionally dust with more granulated sugar (not included in the ingredient list) and they are done.
11. You can also dry them out for 20 minutes or so at 140°C in the oven.
12. The peel will be plump and thick.
13. If you are using the lemon peel as a cooking ingredient, it's best not to dust them with additional granulated sugar. The peel is translucent and really pretty.
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Story Behind this Recipe

This is a way of making candied lemon peel using thick peel (with the white pith still on it)...
After making this many times, I put together my method for a delicious result.
You can use this method for buntan or other citrus fruit with even thicker peels.