Meat-Wrapped Brussels Sprouts in Tomato Sauce

Meat-Wrapped Brussels Sprouts in Tomato Sauce

I tried making a filling side-dish using some brussels sprouts.

Ingredients: 3 servings

Brussels sprouts
Pork offcuts
300 g
Cake flour
as needed
Salt and pepper
to taste
Tomato sauce
1 can


1. Cut a crisscross into the back of the sprouts and boil them lightly in salt water.
2. Lay out the pork offcuts (pile a few slices on top of each other) and wrap the brussels sprouts in the meat.
3. Lightly season the wraps with salt and pepper and coat them in flour. Then cook them until well browned.
4. Get rid of any excess oil and add the tomato sauce. Allow the wraps to simmer in the tomato sauce a little and they're ready.

Story Behind this Recipe

I decided that making these brussels sprouts into a burger would be quite annoying so I decided to just wrap them in meat instead.