Deep-Fried Cauliflower Nuggets

Deep-Fried Cauliflower Nuggets

Just toss with store-bought karaage flour and fry!
It tastes great chilled, looks just like fried chicken, and is a great lunchbox addition!


1 head
Karaage flour (katakuriko or corn starch)
2 tablespoons
Frying oil
as needed


1. Break apart the cauliflower with your hands. If you remove the leaves and cut a cross into the stem, it's much easier to pull apart.
2. If you use a knife to cut the cauliflower, it tends to fall apart, so it's better to use your hands.
3. Parboil the cauliflower for about a minute.
4. Gently remove the water from the cauliflower with a paper towel, then put the cauliflower and the flour in a plastic bag and toss until the florets are completely coated.
5. Fry in oil until golden-brown.
6. All done! The karaage flour already has some flavoring mixed in, so you can eat it as is, or try topping it with mayo!

Story Behind this Recipe

I had leftover karaage flour and a bunch of cauliflower, so I gave this a try.