Cute Shape Bow Bread

Cute Shape Bow Bread

How about a bread in a bow shape?

Ingredients: 1 serving

Bread dough of your choice that has finished its first rising
55-60 g
(Example bread dough recipe:
Recipe ID: 1863323
Beaten eggs for finishing
If desired


1. Take out 6-8 g (for the bow center) from the dough that's finished its first rising. Together with the left over dough (for body) make two round shapes and let them rest.
2. For main part of the bow, roll out dough into a rectangle (7 cm x 16 cm) and cut it in half using a knife.
3. Turn over to the nicer looking side and cross the dough at 1/3 from the bottom. Bring down the upper edge of the dough to the center.
4. Turn it over and make an indentation with your finger dusted in bread flour. To get the valley fold shape, seal the bow center firmly. Form a nice bow shape .
5. Take the dough for bow center and make it flat. Fold into thirds from the side. Roll it out using a rolling pin.
6. Place the center dough on the bow and turn it over to seal. Turn the bow over again and form a nice bow shape.
7. Place them on a baking tray and let rise a second time. Once they're done, preheat the oven.
8. If you prefer, apply the egg coating. Bake them in a preheated oven.
9. It's also delicious as a matcha dough. In the photo shows the Frog Green Tea & Amanatto (sweetened beans) Bread Dough (Recipe ID: 1346397).

Story Behind this Recipe

I came up with a bow shape after trying many times to come up with a new shape for bread.