Tarako Tamagoyaki for your Bento or Appetizer

Tarako Tamagoyaki for your Bento or Appetizer

You don't need to season this because it's great as it is!

Ingredients: 4 sliced portions

Tarako (not mentaiko)
2 sacs (small to medium-sized)


1. Remove the membranes from the tarako ahead of time. It's delicious with a lot.
2. Cook half of the egg mixture, and when it's slight just slightly uncooked on top, put the tarako on top. (I placed them closer toward my side).
3. Roll it up, add in the rest of the egg mixture, cook it also and roll it up. An okonomiyaki spatula is easiest to use.
4. It's not best with mentaiko as the tamagoyaki becomes too spicy.
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Story Behind this Recipe

This dish was on an izakaya menu.

I was a bit reluctant to try this but it turned out to be extremely delicious!

I tried making many different variations with different seasonings but eventually it was best as is without anything extra so I uploaded it!