So Soft Buttered Mochi

So Soft Buttered Mochi

It's a recipe that's been in my family for a while. You'll never get tired of these slightly sweetened mochi squares! They stay soft even on the following day.


Mochi cut into rectangles
200 g (about 4 readymade pieces)
5 g to 10 g
Plain flour
10 g
30 g
a small amount
Egg yolk
as needed


1. Bring water to a boil in a saucepan. Add mochi into the boiling water and simmer until soft. When done, strain excess water away from the mochi.
2. Place the butter on the drained mochi to melt. Add flour, sugar, and salt. Mix briskly.
3. Once mixed, add in the yolk. Combine and mix briskly. Line a Tupperware container with a sheet of plastic wrap, and dust the surface of the wrap with katakuriko.
4. Using a spatula, transfer the buttered mochi into the tupperware box. Coat the surface with katakuriko, and smooth it out using the backside of a spoon.

Story Behind this Recipe

I usually pound mochi rice to make it, but I tried using cut mochi this time to simplify things a bit. Since I've discovered I could use cut mochi to make spongy buttered mochi, here's the recipe for you to try!