Microwaved Tarako for your Bento or Onigiri Filling

Microwaved Tarako for your Bento or Onigiri Filling

This is cooked tarako made easy in the microwave. It also works for mentaiko. The key is not to overcook it, so it's partially raw!


Tarako (or mentaiko)
as needed


1. Spread plastic wrap out and place the tarako in the center. Very loosely cover with plastic wrap, and don't wrap it tight.
2. Microwave both sides for 15 seconds (my microwave is 500 W) until it looks like the picture. Adjust the cooking time accordingly. It tastes better when the center is left uncooked.
3. Place on hot rice. The profile picture shows it arranged in a bento lunch box with shio-konbu (seen as the black strips).
4. Here's the tarako working hard as a bento filler. The recipe for this striped nori bento is Recipe ID: 2105597.

Story Behind this Recipe

Cooking tarako is such a pain since it's easy to overcook, but this can be easily prepared in a microwave!

This might be common knowledge but I uploaded this recipe for those who didn't know about this tip.