Low-carb Okonomiyaki-Style Koya Tofu

Low-carb Okonomiyaki-Style Koya Tofu

No wheat flour is used in this okonomiyaki-style tofu dish using kofa tofu. It's a very hearty recipe.

Ingredients: 4 hand-sized pieces / 2 servings

Koya dofu
3 large - about 50 g (.3 g sugar / 274 kcal)
Bean sprouts (see Step 1)
1 bag - 150 g (0 g sugar / 22.5 kcal)
Pork (see Step 1)
100 g (.2 g / 148 kcal)
☆Egg (medium)
2 - about 100 g (.4 g sugar / 154 kcal)
☆Bonito flakes
1 packet - 3 g (0 g sugar / 11 kcal)
☆Small shrimp
3 g (0 g sugar / 9 kcal)
1 pinch or so
For the entire recipe: .9 g carbohydrates / 616.4 kcal
Per serving: .45 g carbs / 308.3 kcal


1. I used these additions to the batter this time: thinly sliced pork, and black bran bean sprouts (0 g sugar per 100 g). Cut the pork up into easy to eat pieces.
2. Soak the koya dofu in plenty of water for 10 to 15 mnutes. Squeeze out each piece until it weighs around 40 to 45 g (so no more moisture comes out when you squeeze them).
3. Rip up the koya dofu, and put in a food processor with the ☆ ingredients. Process until smooth and you don't see any chunks of koya tofu left. Transfer the batter to a bowl.
4. Put the bean sprouts in the food processor and chop them up by pulsing the machine twice. If you over-chop, they'll make the batter too watery.
5. Put the pork from Step 1 and the bean sprouts from Step 4 into the bowl with the battter, and fold them in with a spatula. The batter will look very crumbly at this stage, unlike regular okonomiyaki batter.
6. Heat up a frying pan and spread some oil in it if needed. Ladle 1/4 each of the batter into the pan twice (2 pancakes). Form each pancake into neat circles with a spatula, cover with a lid and steam-fry.
7. Cook the pancakes over medium heat for 5 minutes until well browned, and then turn them over. Cook them on the other side over low-medium heat for about 4 minutes with the lid on. Cook the remaining batter in the same way.
8. The pancakes will be moist. Serve with okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise and aonori powder. They are also delicious topped with cheese and steam-fried until the cheese has melted.
9. I tried replacing half the bean sprouts with rather thickly shredded salad greens. The crispy texture was great.

Story Behind this Recipe

My family loves okonomiyaki and I make it at least once a week. For this version, I used koya tofum which is low in carbohydrates, has a long shelf life, and is inexpensive.
It has the characteristic chewy texture of koya tofu with the flavor of tofu. It differs from regular okonomiyaki, but you can enjoy the feeling of having okonomiyaki with this.