Non-Deep Fried and Easy Tonkatsu Pork Cutlets

Non-Deep Fried and Easy Tonkatsu Pork Cutlets

Pan-fried in a frying pan! Use just a little oil, which is easy to clean up. Children love this and it's really appetizing!

Ingredients: 3 servings

Pork roast or loin (for tonkatsu)
3 slices
Salt and pepper
To taste
Garlic (optional)
1 clove
Vegetable oil
2/3 cup (170 ml)
For the coating:
about 6 tablespoons
As needed


1. Make cuts between the fat and meat of the pork.
2. Hit the pork with the back of a kitchen knife about 5 times. Season with salt and pepper.
3. Optional: Grate the garlic and rub both sides of the meat.
4. Dust both sides with flour, and shake off the excess.
5. Beat egg well, and coat both sides of the meat.
6. Coat the meat evenly with panko, and press it on lightly to make it stick.
7. Heat oil in a pan and fry the coated pork slices. Cook over medium heat while shaking the pan.
8. When the bottoms are golden brown, flip the pieces over.
9. Fry the other side while shaking the pan. When the meat is cooked through, it's done.
10. Serve with tonkatsu sauce.

Story Behind this Recipe

We want to eat tonkatsu (deep fried pork cutlets) sometimes, but deep frying is a bother... so at our house, we usually use this shallow fry method!