Caramel Apple & Buckwheat Flour Muffins

Caramel Apple & Buckwheat Flour Muffins

These fluffy muffins are made with rice and buckwheat flour and filled with lots of caramelized apples.
They are loaded with the fragrance of cinnamon and ginger.

Ingredients: 7 muffins

◆Confectionary rice flour
80 g
◆Buckwheat flour (powdered)
22 g
◆Sweet potato powder
10 g
◆Ginger powder
3 g
◆Cinnamon powder
1 g
◆Baking powder
4 g
◆Baking soda
1.5 g
Unsalted butter
50 g
Granulated sugar
85 g
60 g
60 g
Vanilla oil
a small amount
Caramelized apple
157 g
Whipped cream
to taste
Small apples
as needed
Granulated sugar
as needed


1. Slice only the centers of the small apples. Place on a baking tray and cover both sides with the sugar 3x.
2. Bake Step 1 in a 100°C oven for 90 minutes to dry out. Place into a bag along with a drying agent.
3. Combine all of the ◆ ingredients.
4. Soften the butter to room temperature. Combine with the granulated sugar and then add the egg and mix.
5. Mix Step 4 very well until evenly blended.
6. Have the milk at room temperature. Add the milk and the vanilla oil to Step 5 and mix well.
7. Add Step 3 to Step 6 and blend together well.
8. Add the finely chopped caramel apples to Step 7 and stir them in.
9. Here is a recipe to caramelize apples. Please see this recipe (Recipe ID: 2079893) for Tart Tatan!
10. Fill the muffin cups about 80% with the batter and bake in a 180°C oven for 18-20 minutes.
11. Remove from the oven and place on a cooling rack to cool.
12. Use a palette knife to spread whipped cream on top in a pyramid shape.
13. Decorate with the small apples from Step 2 and they're done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made caramelized apples for a tart tatan and apple tart but had some leftover, so I used them to make these muffins.