Chicken Fat

The fat rendered from chicken skins could be used in a whole variety of dishes.
Reuse the cooked chicken skin in other dishes!

Ingredients: 100 ml worth

Chicken skin
300 g
Sliced ginger
1 slice
1 clove


1. Heat a wok and stir-fry the chicken skin in medium heat.
2. Once the skins have cooked through, turn down the heat to the lowest. Flip the skins occasionally and cook for 20 minutes.
3. When the skins have browned, add ginger and smashed garlic to the wok and heat for another 10 minutes.
4. Strain in a strainer.
5. Use the rendered fat in ramen noodle broth, fried rice, or gyoza!

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this for salt-broth ramen. I used Recipe ID: 2067986 as reference.