Chicken Nanban with Chicken Breast - Simple and Tender Even When Cold

Chicken Nanban with Chicken Breast - Simple and Tender Even When Cold

Chicken Nanban - when my husband comes home he asks me time and again "is there any left?" It is cooked with the lid on so the oil doesn't spit and it's easy to clean up.

Ingredients: 1-2 servings

Chicken breast
1 large
Sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil
1 teaspoon of each
1 tablespoon
Plain flour
4-5 tablespoons
Sweet vinegar sauce
2.5 tablespoons
2.5 tablespoons
Soy sauce
2 tablespoons
Tartar Sauce
Hard-boiled eggs
Approx. 9-10 tablespoons
2 pinches (it is for a subtle hint, so don't put it too much)
Salt and pepper (I recommend black pepper for adults)
a pinch
● Umami seasoning (optional)
a pinch
●Parsley (optional)
a small amount
Milk, if you prefer soft tartar sauce
as appropriate


1. Dice the onions for the tartar sauce and soak in water. Change the water a few times to get rid of the smell and spiciness. Roughly chop the boiled egg and place in a bowl.
2. Drain the onions with a sieve and remove excess water by wrapping with kitchen paper and giving it a good squeeze. Add to the bowl from step 1.
3. Add ● ingredients and mix with a fork, mashing the egg as you mix. If you prefer a softer sauce, add a small amount of milk. Season with salt and pepper and the sauce is done.
4. Remove the skin from the chicken breast and cut into your desired size. Put into a plastic bag, add ★ ingredients and rub in well.
5. (If you want to fry the whole breast as one piece, use a knife to make sure it is an even thickness and pierce the skin several times with a fork. Then rub in the ★ ingredients well.)
6. Beat the egg in a bowl. Mix the ingredients for the sweet vinegar sauce in another bowl. Heat a large frying pan with a generous amount of oil.
7. Put the flour into a plastic bag, and add a piece of chicken at a time, close the bag and shake. (so that it is evenly coated in flour)
8. Shake off the excess flour from the chicken before lightly mixing with the beaten egg. Place the chicken into the frying pan after coating with the egg, and fry on a medium heat.
9. When one side is golden brown, turn down the heat to low, turn the meat over and place the lid on. Cook for a few minutes (this depends on the thickness of the meat, but I cook it for 2-3 minutes).
10. Take off the lid and turn up the heat to high straight away. When it is golden brown, turn off the heat and wipe off the excess oil from the pan with paper towels.
11. Pour in the sweet vinegar sauce and reduce whilst shaking the pan to coat the meat. Turn off the heat and leave until the coating settles nicely.
12. If you leave it to rest too long, or you fiddle with the meat too much in step 11, the coating can come off so be careful. Transfer to a serving dish and top with tartar sauce. Now the Chicken Nanban is complete.
13. You can also make it with half the amount of tartar sauce ◎ I use a lot because my husband loves it (・∀・;) Half the amount of tartar sauce is plenty if you are cooking one breast for one person.
14. It's also good if you add a little ketchup to the sweet vinegar and tartar sauces.

Story Behind this Recipe

It's also because I'm into cooking chicken breast recipes at the moment, but I just wanted to eat Chicken Nanban which tastes good and keeps! I had let the sake and soy sauce soak into the meat overnight before, but I think this method is better to bring out the flavour of the meat.
Here is a Chicken Nanban which is still soft and tasty even when cold.