Easy Soft Boiled Eggs

Easy Soft Boiled Eggs

You can make super delicious flavored soft boiled egg at home!

Ingredients: 4 servings

※Soy sauce
50 ml
100 ml
150 ml
Kombu for dashi stock
2 cm


1. Combine the ※ marked ingredients in a pot and add the kombu. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Then bring the soy sauce mixture to a boil to evaporate the alcohol. Remove the kombu, which can be eaten later. Set aside.
2. Take out the eggs from the refrigerator and using a ladle, gently drop in boiling water.
3. Cook for 6 minutes for very soft yolk and 7 minutes for slightly cooked yolk. Shock the eggs in cold water (winter) or in an ice-bath (summer) to stop cooking.
4. When cool, carefully peel the eggs and place in a ziploc bag. Pour in the soy sauce mixture and using a straw, suck out the air from the bag and seal.
5. Marinate at least for 30 minutes. They taste better when marinated overnight.
6. You can eat them as they are, but they are great as a ramen topping.

Story Behind this Recipe

I order the seasoned eggs separately at ramen noodle shops. It's 100 yen each, which is expensive! So I thought of making it at home.