Heart Bento for Valentine's Day

Heart Bento for Valentine's Day

How about a cute heart bento for Valentine's Day? Or try these decorative rice balls for Papa's bento or on Mother's Day.

Ingredients: 3 hearts

Hot cooked white rice
1 child rice bowl's worth
Decorative furikake rice sprinkles (Decofuri) (pink)
if available
Nori seaweed
enough for the eyes, nose, and mouth
Imitation crab sticks
enough for the cheeks


1. Add the pink decofuri to the rice.
2. Mix until evenly distributed, wrap in plastic wrap, then shape into a heart.
3. To make the top of the heart shape, make an indentation by pressing down with a chopstick.
4. Have fun decorating the onigiri with different expressions by arranging the eyes, nose, and mouth (cut out from nori seaweed).
5. Use imitation crab meat for the cheeks. It's easy if you use a round hole puncher to cut them into circles.
6. When all the pieces are assembled on the rice, they're done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I make character bentos every day for my daughter in kindergarten. I come up with something for every event.