Heart-Shaped Petit Chocolate Cakes For Valentine's Day

Heart-Shaped Petit Chocolate Cakes For Valentine's Day

Heart-shaped chocolate cakes with chocolate ganache sandwiched in between the layers. They are tiny and adorable.

Ingredients: 7 heart-shaped cakes

Cocoa sponge (Recipe ID: 2076698)
1 cake
Apricot jam
1 1/2 tablespoons
Boiling water
1 tablespoon
* For the ganache *
Milk chocolate
2 bars (110 g)
Heavy cream (at room temperature)
50 ml
to taste
For the glaçage (chocolate coating)
Milk chocolate
3 bars (165 g)
Heavy cream (at room temperature)
160 ml
to taste
Silver dragées, gold leaf, etc.
as needed


1. Make a cocoa sponge cake, referring to Recipe ID: 2076698.
2. Slice the sponge horizontally into 3 slices, and cover temporarily with plastic wrap.
3. Chop up the chocolate finely and put in a bowl. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and microwave. Take it out of the microwave, mix it up, re-cover with plastic wrap and microwave again (see Helpful Hints).
4. Mix until the chocolate is smooth.
5. Add the cream, and mix until glossy. Add the rum.
6. Spread the mixture out from Step 5 on a sheet of kitchen parchment paper to about a 5 mm thickness. Freeze for 30 minutes.
7. Mix the apricot jam with boiling water.
8. Spread the Step 7 mixture on the sponge layers.
9. Cut the cake out with a heart shaped mold or similar. Cut out the first layer with the apricot jam side down.
10. Next, cut out the frozen ganache sheet using the same cutter with the cut sponge from the previous step still in it (I put an ice pack under the ganache sheet so that it wouldn't become soft).
11. Cut out a sponge layer with the apricot jam side up, using the same cutter.
12. Repeat Steps 9 → 10 → 11, and cut out all the cakes.
13. It looks like this from the side.
14. Make the glaçage (chocolate coating) next. Chop the chocolate up finely.
15. Put the chopped chocolate and heavy cream in a small pan and mix over low heat. When the mixture is shiny, add the rum and mix it in. Take the pan off the heat.
16. Since there are many cakes to coat, keep the glaçage in a bowl over a pan of hot water to prevent it from hardening. Use a large spoon to rapidly pour the chocolate over all 12 cakes.
17. Top with silver dragées or other decoration. Chill in the refrigerator until the chocolate is set and they're done. After the chocolate has set you can keep the cakes at room temperature.
18. I rolled the leftover ganache into balls and coated them with cocoa powder to turn them into truffles.
19. Recipe ID: 2087734 - "For Valentine's Day Petit strawberry cocoa mousse cakes"
20. Recipe ID: 1361453 "For Valentine's Day Crispy Crunchy Truffles"

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make a chocolate recipe that was appropriate for Valentine's Day, so instead of a whole cake, I made petit cut-out heart-shaped cakes.