Long-Lasting Ponzu Sauce Base with Lots of Citrus Juice

Long-Lasting Ponzu Sauce Base with Lots of Citrus Juice

I learned how to make this from a professional chef. You can enjoy fruity ponzu all year long. I've written down how to make the base and the ponzu sauce.


Daidai or yuzu juice
from 3 fruit
the same amount as the citrus juice
Soy sauce
the same amount as the citrus juice and vinegar combined
Umami seasoning
a small amount
1 teaspoon
a 3 cm square piece


1. Wash the daidai or yuzu, cut in half and squeeze out the juice. Don't worry about a little pulp getting in the juice. Put the juice into a large measuring cup.
2. Add an equal amount of vinegar. If there is 100 ml of citrus juice, add 100 ml of vinegar. Put into a container and store. In the winter you can leave it out at room temperature.
3. To make ponzu soy sauce, add an equal amount of soy sauce - for example, for 50 ml of the base, add 50 ml of soy sauce. Add sugar, umami seasoning and the konbu seaweed pieces, and leave to marinate for about 2 hours.

Story Behind this Recipe

If using yuzu, thinly shave the zest off after juicing the fruit, cover with plastic wrap, put into a plastic bag and freeze. The seeds can be soaked in shochu, to use as facial skin toner. There's nothing to throw out. You can also use kabosu or sudachi citrus. For eating puffer fish, daidai is good. Try ponzu sauce on rice porridge or pickled Chinese cabbage.