Decorative Plum Blossoms with Carrots

Decorative Plum Blossoms with Carrots

For people who feel that making plum blossoms are too hard. This trick is for the thin carrots that don't fit into the cutters. It uses only one knife! It's easy to make without using a cookie cutter.


as needed


1. Cut the carrots into any thickness you'd like. I made mine 7-8 mm.
2. Use the blue lines shown as a guide. To make sure that the sections are balanced, make 3 cuts (2 mm deep).
3. Make a 2-4 mm deep cuts on the edges as well, matching the cuts on the top surface.
4. At a slight angle, cut into the edge cuts you've made on the side. Once you've finished, flip over the slice and repeat to make a curved petal-like outline. Adjust the shape into a flower.
5. Slice the flower from the center moving left. (Make the cut deeper as you move the knife towards you; cut to the edge of the petal, then repeat.)
6. Adjust the shape, so it's more rounded. Then it's finished.
7. I used it for an ozoni. Our Family Recipe for Ozoni with toasted Mochi (Recipe ID: 2069528).
8. If you make only 2 cuts in Step 2, it makes a cute flower. User "minorimino".

Story Behind this Recipe

I made a regular flower because flowers are difficult to balance out. They're easy to make using a cookie cutter, but I didn't want to dirty any utensils.
A decorative cutting using one knife.