Oil-free Macrobiotic Kinako Cookies

Oil-free Macrobiotic Kinako Cookies

No need for oil, eggs, or dairy products to make these delicious cookies. Very flavorful with kinako and sesame seeds.


Cake flour
20 g
Whole wheat flour (or cake flour)
70 g
Beet sugar
40 g
a pinch
20 g
Sesame seeds
20 g
20 ml
Soy milk
40 ml


1. Mix water and soy milk.
2. Add all dry ingredients to the bowl. Whisk well until airy and light.
3. Now add the powdered mixture into the water and soy in small batches. Mix lightly with a fork.
4. When the dough is crumply and hard, take it out. With a rolling pin, spread out the the dough out until it's about 4 mm thick.
5. Fold the dough into thirds and roll it out again. Repeat this twice.
6. Slice off the edges and cut the dough into a square. Roll up the edges into balls roughly the size of a soya bean.
7. Bake in a 160℃ preheated oven for 30-35 minutes to finish! These cookies are really flavorful and crunchy.
8. I baked the smaller round cookies for 25 minutes at 170℃ and they turned out nice and moist.

Story Behind this Recipe

I saw some round cookies were so cute that I just had to shape these the same way. The problem is that it's slightly time-consuming and a little tiring too. I felt like skipping a couple steps, so that's how I ended up with round ones and square ones.