Persimmons Rolled Up with Yuzu Peel

Persimmons Rolled Up with Yuzu Peel

Every other year we have a bumper crop of astringent persimmons. When the temperature drops is the time to hang them to dry. I ended up with lots of dried persimmons, so I rolled some up with yuzu.


Dried persimmons


1. I found the perfect time to hang persimmons to dry, when they were still hard enough to peel (not overripe) and there was a cold wind blowing.
2. They dried nicely.
3. Of course, they're also delicious as is.
4. I removed the seeds with a pair of tweezers.
5. Cut the tops and bottoms and remove the seeds.
6. Peel the outer layer of the yuzu skin, cut it into thin strips and roll them up with the persimmons.
7. I rolled bigger pieces of yuzu peel up in these.
8. Roll them up tightly, wetting your fingers with yuzu juice as you go.
9. It made a lot. Put them into a container and store them in the fridge until ready to serve.
10. Serve them cut-side up. These ones have thin strips of yuzu peel.
11. These are rolled up plain. The fragrance of yuzu spreads throughout the persimmons while they're stored in the fridge.

Story Behind this Recipe

Dried persimmons are a gift from heaven made by the sun, the wind, and by people.
They're a winter provision made by our entire family at the end of the year.
We roll some of them up with yuzu and enjoy them at New Year's as a Japanese sweet. The rest we continue to let hang in the cold wind, rub them with our fingertips, and wait for the white powder of crystallized sugar to form on them.