Additive-Free Homemade Salt-flavored Ramen

Additive-Free Homemade Salt-flavored Ramen

You'll be blown away by the tastiness of this homemade shio ramen soup! No chemical additives are used, so it's less salty than the store-bought kind.

Ingredients: 1 servings

Chicken stock (Recipe ID: 2067923)
270 ml
Seafood stock (Recipe ID: 2067963)
70 ml
Chicken fat (Recipe ID: 2067986)
2 teaspoons
Green onion (finely chopped)
About 3 cm
3 g
For the topping:
Simmered pork (Recipe ID: 2067971)
2 pieces
Boiled spinach
1 bunch
Marinated eggs (Recipe ID: 2067960)
For the noodles:
Your choice of noodles
1 pack


1. Pour hot water into a bowl to warm it. An easy way is to pour water into a bowl and then microwave it.
2. When the bowl is warmed, pour out the water. Add the finely chopped green onions and chicken fat to the bowl.
3. You want the noodles to finish boiling and the soup to be ready around the same time, so the timing is important. It's a good idea to visualize the whole process before you start.
4. Before boiling the noodles, heat the two kinds of stock. Make sure it's easy for you to measure the amount of stock ahead of time. Add salt to the chicken stock.
5. Begin boiling the noodles.
6. Just before the noodles are finished boiling, add both types of stock to a bowl and stir gently.
7. Drain the noodles and put them in the bowl. Top with the toppings and it's done! Enjoy it while it's hot.

Story Behind this Recipe

I got some delicious chicken stock, so I decided to make ramen with it. This ramen has no MSG in it, but it's delicious with lots of rich, umami flavor. It has less fat and salt than store-bought or restaurant ramen, so it's not too heavy.