Rich and Delicious Chicken Fat (for Salt-Flavored Ramen)

Rich and Delicious Chicken Fat (for Salt-Flavored Ramen)

I wanted to make salt-flavored ramen, so I tried making chicken fat using chicken skin. It will add more flavor and umami! Please refer to the following recipe for the salt-flavored ramen. Recipe ID: 2067998

Ingredients: 60 ml

Chicken skin
200 g


1. Cut the chicken skin into small pieces.
2. Heat a frying pan over low heat, and stir-fry the chicken skin.
3. When the fat starts to come out, transfer into a bottle. I transferred it once every 10 minutes.
4. When the fat in the bottle starts to turn brown, it's done!
5. Sprinkle salt onto the crispy chicken skin to make it a delicious drinking appetizer.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make light salt-flavured ramen using chicken stock, so I made chicken fat. Putting this oil into ramen soup adds more flavour.
I just stir-fried the chicken skin and lots of fat came out. It surprised me.