Tree-Shaped Christmas Cake

Tree-Shaped Christmas Cake

I made a tree with rolled cakes. This is easy to make if you have the cake to do it with.


Rolled Cake (Recipe ID: 1457663 reference)
Heavy cream
200 ml
15 g
(Your favorite fruit, decorative chocolate, etc.)


1. Cut the Recipe ID: 1457663 cake like this.
2. Add the heavy cream and fruit first.
3. Roll up one strip, and roll around that piece until the trunk becomes the size you want it to be.
4. After that, just roll and stack the other strips on one another like a tower repeatedly.
5. Coat around the cake with the cream. Press down on it with the back of a spoon, pull it out upwards, and you will get a design like this.
6. I decorated around the cake with star-shaped chocolates.

Story Behind this Recipe

The tree-shaped cake that I caught a glimpse of on TV was nice. So I experimented to make something similar.