Light and Fluffy Yogurt Mousse without Heavy Cream

Light and Fluffy Yogurt Mousse without Heavy Cream

This recipe doesn't use heavy cream.
But the texture is like you're eating cream!
It's fluffy and delicious.
Good even if you're on a diet.

Ingredients: Serves 4 - 6

1 pack
5 g
40 g
100 ml
Ritz crackers
60 g
30 g


1. After you buy the yogurt, lay on its side in the refrigerator to let the water drain.
2. Sprinkle gelatin over water (not listed).
3. Put the Ritz crackers into a bag and crush into powder. Then melt the butter, add to the bag and squeeze the bag with your hands to mix.
4. Spread Step 3 into the bottom of individuals container and lightly pack down with a spoon. Chill the containers in the refrigerator.
5. Heat milk, add sugar, dissolved gelatin and mix well. Be careful not to let the milk boil.
6. When everything is dissolved, turn off the heat and let it cool. After it's cooled, go to Step 7.
7. Here is the yogurt left on its side overnight. Discard the liquid, but it's okay if you can't get all of the liquid out.
8. Put the strained yogurt into a bowl and whisk until smooth. Then add the mixture from Step 6. Quickly mix until well blended.
9. Place the bowl over ice-cold water, stirring constantly with a whisk as to incorporate air.
10. If your hand gets tired, you can take a break and wait for the yogurt to thicken. Then mix again.
11. Whip well until the mousse looks like whipped cream with stiff peaks. Pour into a container and refrigerate. When it sets, it's done.
12. Because the mousse is already cool, it will set quickly. It will turn out soft, light and fluffy. Have fun decorating the mousse with anything you like.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love mousse and fluffy desserts, but they usually contain heavy cream.
So I thought up this healthy, easy, and delicious recipe.