Instant & Easy Guest Food Sushi Balls

Instant & Easy Guest Food Sushi Balls

These are great sushi balls that you can make quickly when you suddenly have guests coming over!
You can use store-bought sushi to make these in no time!


Nigiri sushi (you can use store-bought)
as many as you need for the amount of guests
The following ingredients are suggestions, if you have them on hand
Pieces of various sushi (store-bought)
1 pack
Salmon roe
to taste


1. This is the store-bought sushi.
2. Put the sushi on plastic wrap, topping side down, and press a bit with your hand to crush it slightly.
3. Roll up into a ball shape to finish!
4. From this point, it's up to you! Slice the cucumber with a slicer or peeler.
5. Put the various sushi pieces on some plastic wrap.
6. Squeeze it.
7. Wrap with one slice of cucumber.
8. Wrap with another cucumber so that it reaches a little higher than the rice to form a cup. Top with something like salmon roe.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is on the menu when a guest is coming soon or I've come home from work and have no time to prepare anything! m.
If you make the sushi rice from scratch, you can make many different varieties easily!
If you make only a few types, it's easier on your wallet, but I suggest you make many different kinds!