Foolproof Fluffy Genoise Sponge Cake

Foolproof Fluffy Genoise Sponge Cake

The most important thing is to whip the eggs really well, then you can bake a nice sponge cake even if you are a beginner. It's so fluffy and moist.

Ingredients: 18 cm round mold (15 cm round mold)

15 g (10 g)
Milk (bring to room temperature)
10 ml (7.5 ml)
Eggs (bring to room temperature)
3 (2)
90 g (50 g)
Vanilla extract
a small amount (a small amount)
Cake flour
90 g (50 g)


1. Coat the cake mold with vegetable oil or butter (not listed). Cut parchment paper to fit inside the mold and line on the bottom and side wall.
2. Break the eggs into a bowl and whip with a whisk until soft peaks form.
3. Add the sugar and whip further until the mixture is thick enough to form ribbons when the whisk is lifted. Then add the vanilla extract.
4. Combine the ingredients in a heat resistant bowl and melt in the microwave. For an 18 cm mold: 600W 40~50 seconds, for a 15 cm mold: 30~40 seconds.
5. Preheat the oven to 170℃. Sift the cake flour into the batter and fold gently with a spatula.
6. Add the mixture from Step 4 and mix quickly.
7. Pour in the batter from Step 6 from high up into the mold and tap it on the counter several times to remove air bubbles. Pour in the last bit of the batter to the edge.
8. When the oven has reached the right temperature, bake for 35 minutes. For the 15 cm mold, bake for 30 minutes. When it's baked, drop the cake from a height of 30 cm to prevent it from shrinking.
9. Line a piece of parchment paper on the counter and place the cake upside down for 2~3 minutes to flatten the surface.
10. Remove the side wall, flip over the cake with the bottom mold onto your right hand, and place it gently on a cake rack to remove the bottom.
11. Peel off the parchment paper, and wrap the cake with the cake rack in a plastic bag and leave it to cool completely.
12. When it's cooled completely, slice it depending on what you are making.
13. When you whip the eggs, it's quicker if you do it in a bain marie.
14. Further more, after you whipped the eggs, beat them on low speed for 1~2 minutes to get a finer texture.
15. It's easier to mix the dry ingredients if you add in 2~3 batches.
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Story Behind this Recipe

I baked this sponge cake for Christmas, so I uploaded the recipe.