Purple Sweet Potato Paired with Sweet Potato Chestnut Kinton

Purple Sweet Potato Paired with Sweet Potato Chestnut Kinton

Why not pair purple sweet potato with your usual sweet potato chestnut kinton to make it cute? It's really easy. Feel free to use powdered purple sweet potato if you like.

Ingredients: About 15 servings

Sweet chestnuts in syrup
Sweet potato
200 g
Purple sweet potato
200 g
Sugar (white sugar)
40 g
Candied chetnuts syrup
About 1 tablespoon
Sugared red beans (optional)
Gardenia seed (optional)


1. Completely peel the sweet potatoes, and rinse in water. Crack the gardenia seed open, and add it to the sweet potato pot, add the purple sweet potatoes to another pot, and boil until you can poke through with a skewer.
2. Take both varieties of sweet potatoes out of their respective pots, add 20 g salt to each, and mash with either a hand mixer or a fork.
3. Add syrup to both varieties of sweet potato and mix, but make adjustments so that it doesn't become too soft. Wrap each sweet potato variety in cloth or plastic wrap along with the candied chestnuts, and squeeze.
4. Top with sugared red beans or gold leaf to your liking, and it is done.
5. I added it to my osechi.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love this color combination, and I also make both the western sweet potato kinton and Japanese-style chestnut kinton.

Add to bento or osechi, or give as an attractive present to make someone happy.