Just Mix and Cook! Chocolate French Toast

Just Mix and Cook! Chocolate French Toast

Just soak in hot chocolate and cook! Children will love this.


Sliced bread
1 slice
100 ml
1 tablespoon
Hot chocolate (powdered)
1 tablespoon
Margarine (or butter)
1 tablespoon


1. Cut the bread into four. Put the milk, egg, and sugar in a bowl and mix well. Then, add the hot chocolate and milk well. Soak the bread in the mixture.
2. Heat margarine in a frying pan over a medium-low heat. Slowly fry the bread.
3. Flip the bread and fry the other side until both sides look like this.
4. It's also good with powdered sugar dusted on top!

Story Behind this Recipe

I was going to make regular french toast, but I've gotten tired of the same old flavour so, I tried some variations and this was a hit amongst my children.