Glossy 'Kurikinton' Chestnut Paste for the New Year's Feast

Glossy 'Kurikinton' Chestnut Paste for the New Year's Feast

Kurikinton (sweetened chestnut paste) is a popular dish in my family's New Year's feast.

Ingredients: 4 servings

Sweet chestnuts in syrup
Sweet potato
500 g
Gardenia flower
Candied chestnut syrup
80 ml
2 tablespoons
Sugar (castor sugar)
About 100 g (to taste)


1. Remove about 1 cm of the sweet potato skin, slice into rounds, then rinse in water. This might seem slightly wasteful, but this is important.
2. Add the water and cracked gardenia seeds (it is good to put them into an empty tea bag for easy removal later), along with the sweet potatoes and boil over medium heat until softened.
3. Set aside the broth from Step 2. Take it out of the pot, and use a hand mixer or a tea strainer to make it smooth. You can also use a masher.
4. Return it to the pot, add in the syrup and sugar (use the leftover broth and/or syrup to alter the consistency if necessary), and boil down until it thickens and turns amber.
5. Remove it from the heat, gently stir so as not to crack the candied chestnuts, and it is done. In my family, we sometimes loosen the paste with boiling water.
6. Place into your favorite bowl and enjoy.
7. Please refer to my New Year's feast from 2013. Recipe ID: 2438681.
8. For a two-toned purple potato and sweet potato kinton, Recipe ID: 2063771.

Story Behind this Recipe

We make this every year for our New Year's feast.

My father grows chestnuts and sweet potatoes, so I love to make candied chestnuts from scratch.

I wrote this recipe so that in can be made using store-bought candied chestnuts.

This is a traditional recipe, so I don't use food coloring.