Zucchini and Sweet Onion Early Summer Miso Soup

Zucchini and Sweet Onion Early Summer Miso Soup

I used my favorite zucchini in miso soup. It's a delicious soup that lets you enjoy the almost potato-like texture of the zucchini.

Ingredients: Serves 2 people

New harvest sweet onion (or regular onions)
Tofu (silken)
1/4th of a block
Dashi stock
2 cups or (400ml)
1 tablespoon
Shisho leaves or green onions
To taste
Shichimi spice
To taste


1. Cut the zucchini half or quarters (if large) lengthwise and sluce. Cut the tofu and onions into easy to eat pieces.
2. Put the dashi in a pan, add the ingredients from Step 1 and heat to just before boiling point. While the pan is heating, chop up the garnishes.
3. Dissolve the miso into the soup to finish. Season to taste by adding shisho leaves, green onion or shichimi togarashi.
4. Serve with Recipe ID: 2192932 "Rolled Omelette with Zucchini and Sweet Corn"!

Story Behind this Recipe

I just used some leftover zucchini and new harvest sweet onions to make miso soup, and it was amazingly good. I added tofu to make the soup more substantial.