Rich Refreshing Homemade Lemon Liqueur

Rich Refreshing Homemade Lemon Liqueur

It's the best season for Japanese lemons. Why not make rich lemon liqueur packed with the deliciousness of lemons?

Ingredients: 2 liter jar

●Lemon zest
80 g
●Lemon flesh
450 g
Crystal rock sugar
400 g
White liqueur
1100-1200 ml


1. Use Japanese organic lemons, if possible. Otherwise, wash the skin clean.
2. Peel the lemon. Peel the skin off thinly without peeling the white part of the lemon.
3. This is the how lemon peel should look. Lemon peel removed from 5-6 lemons weighed about 70-80 g.
4. Remove the white part of the lemons. Japanese lemons have a thicker white layer than other varieties. Remove them completely since they have a bitter taste.
5. This is how the peeled lemons should look.
6. Cut each lemon into thirds.
7. Fill a jar first with the crystal rock sugar, then the lemon flesh, then another layer of crystal rock sugar, then another layer of lemon flesh.
8. Place the lemon zest on top.
9. Pour the white liqueur into the jar.
10. Remove the lemon zest after 7-10 days. Remove the lemon flesh after a month. You can drink the lemon liqueur after 6 months.
11. Here, I'm removing the lemon zest after 7-10 days.
12. This is how the color of the lemon liqueur should look after 6 months. You don't need to add anything to make a great cocktail!

Story Behind this Recipe

We harvested tons of lemons, and I used some to make lemon liqueur this year.