Pressed and Steamed Hard-Boiled Eggs for Osechi or Bento

Pressed and Steamed Hard-Boiled Eggs for Osechi or Bento

Easy, delicious, and attractive. Great for Osechi (New Year's feast) or bento lunch boxes.

Ingredients: 4 servings

Sugar (caster sugar)
8 tablespoons
1 teaspoon
1 teaspoon


1. Hard-boil the eggs. Be careful not to boil them too long, or the color will be damaged.
2. Separate the boiled eggs into yolks and whites. You can do this while the eggs are still warm, since it doesn't matter if they fall apart.
3. Add about half of the sugar, salt and katakuriko to each (a bit more than half to the egg whites) and mix well. Pass through a strainer.
4. Put the egg whites in a mold and spread them out with a spatula, without pressing down. Place the egg yolks on top. Don't press, or they won't be fluffy.
5. Steam in a steamer for 5 minutes. If you want to make a checkered pattern, make sure to flatten out the egg yolks in Step 4, and after steaming take the eggs out of the steamer, cut in half, and place one half upside-down on top of the other, and steam again for 3 minutes.
6. This is how it looks if you don't flatten the egg yolks out and leave them light and fluffy.
7. Recipe ID: 2417135 "Pressed Hard-boiled Egg Balls"
8. I packed them in last year's Osechi. Recipe ID: 2438681

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a must for the Osechi I make every year. It's pretty, delicious, and more than anything else, it's easy.
Pretty fancy for boiled eggs.
It's also a favorite at our house on New Year's Eve.