Cured Ham Rose Bouquet

Cured Ham Rose Bouquet

This dish is sure to get loads of attention from your guests. It's an easy appetizer that is perfect for parties!

Ingredients: 8 servings (12 cm diameter)

Cured ham
About 15 pieces
Potato salad
Enough to fill the dish
Asparagus, thin stalks
16 to 20
As needed


1. Layer plastic wrap at the bottom of the dish (or mold).
2. Layer the side of the dish with parboiled asparagus Create an even layer all the way around.
3. Tightly pack the middle of the dish with potato salad.
4. Cut the slices of cured ham lengthwise. You will use 1 slice of ham per floret.
5. Use the narrower half to roll a floret for the center.
6. Wrap the second half around the first, starting the wrap at the end of the center floret, wrapping in the other direction.
7. Arrange the florets evenly inside the bed of potato salad.
8. Remove the plastic wrap, shape into a bouquet, then garnish with sprigs of chervil or other garnishing of your choice, then it's ready to serve!

Story Behind this Recipe

I came up with this dish since I wanted an appetizer that I could set on the table before guests arrive. Since it's made with readily available ingredients that can also be adjusted to the number of servings, it's perfect for parties!