Sweetly Simmered Shrimp for Osechi (New Year's Feast)

Sweetly Simmered Shrimp for Osechi (New Year's Feast)

The New Year Holidays are just around the corner.
I have been making this sweetly simmered shrimp every year and decided to post the recipe.

Ingredients: 4 servings

Jumbo shrimp
2 tablespoons
to taste
Combined seasonings:
Dashi stock
2 cups (400 ml)
100 ml
3 tablespoons
3 tablespoons
Usukuchi soy sauce
3 tablespoons


1. Trim the shrimp's head and whiskers, and trim the tails on the diagonal.
2. Bend the shrimp into a "U" shape and devein by sticking a bamboo skewer through the middle of the back side.
3. Leave the shrimp bent in a "U" shape and skewer with a toothpick. Sprinkle with sake and salt.
4. Bring plenty of water to a boil and add salt and shrimp. Boil for about 2 minutes over medium heat, and drain in a colander.
5. Simmer the combined seasonings in a pot and add the shrimp. Cover with a lid and simmer for about 3 minutes, then set aside.
6. When it has cooled, remove the toothpicks and place the shrimp in a container with a lid and store in the refrigerator.

Story Behind this Recipe

I always used to grill my New Year's shrimp, but they tend to toughen, so I decided to simmer them.