Potato Salad Christmas Tree

Potato Salad Christmas Tree

I shaped my everyday potato salad into a Christmas tree! It's easy, perfect for Christmas parties, and kids will love it!

Ingredients: 4 servings

Ham and cucumber potato salad
as needed
For decoration
1-2 florets
Frozen mixed vegetables
as needed
Carrot, sliced
Thinly sliced ham
Chervil (or Italian parsley)
as needed
Pink peppercorn
6 + pieces


1. Make ham and cucumber potato salad as normal.
2. Using a cookie cutter, stamp out star shapes from the ham and carrot.
3. Cook the carrots, broccoli and mixed vegetables in lightly salted boiling water.
4. Shape the potato salad into a cone, and decorate with the carrots, broccoli, and mixed vegetables.
5. Place the radish slices around the tree, then place the chervil and pink peppercorn on top of the radish.
6. This dish adds a touch of Christmas to any dinner table.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was holding a Christmas party for my kids and their friends, and I thought they might like it if I made a Christmas-themed variation on their favorite potato salad – this is what I came up with.