The Trick to Making a Beautiful Decorated Cake

The Trick to Making a Beautiful Decorated Cake

It's as beautiful as a professionally-made cake.
Once you can make the basic cake, you will get the hang of it.
Layered cakes are cute!
It's a gorgeous cake that's great for X'mas or birthdays.

Ingredients: 1 cake mold

Whipping cream
about 200 ml
about 16 g
as needed
*Simple syrup
1 packet
5 ml
as needed


1. When you cut the spongecake, make sure you do so cleanly. (Start from the point away from you and draw the knife towards you).
2. Combine the * ingredients and spread on the cut surface. (This prevents drying out, adds flavor, and helps the heavy cream to stick.)
3. Whip the cream until peaks form (the tips should be slightly bowing). (If it's not cold enough, the peaks will be weak, so definitely place the bowl in ice water.)
4. First, spread on some cream. (You won't see it, so it's okay to spread it on roughly.)
5. Place on the sliced strawberries. Make sure to pat them dry with a paper towel. The cake will be easier to cut if you don't place one in the very center.
6. Cover the strawberries with a good amount of cream. Use a lot so that it's about to seep out of the cake.
7. Put the other sheet of cake on top and spread on the syrup mixture. Pile on the cream. This is important! If you're spreading a first coating, spread it on thinly and then refrigerate.
8. Run the spatula parallel to the cake (at a 45 degree angle) and spin the cake stand to evenly spread the cream on the surface of the cake. The extra cream can be used to cover the sides.
9. The cream is falling off the sides. This is important!
10. Hold the spatula perpendicular to the cake and spread the cream that is falling from the top around the sides of the cake. If there's not enough, add more. The spatula should be at an angle of 45-30 degrees to the cake.
11. When spreading the sides with cream, square it off at the top. This is important!
12. Hold the spatula parallel to the cake and even out the cream by moving from the edges to the center. Spin the plate and continue from each side until the angles on the edge are softened.
13. Remove the cream that got dropped onto the rotating plate stand (or plate). Hold the spatula parallel to the plate and spin it.
14. Put the cream into a piping bag. Put part of the piping bag into securely into the piping tip so that the cream on the inside doesn't leak out.
15. If you stand the bag in a cup, it's easy to get the cream in, as shown in the photo but...don't put it in all at once.
16. Pipe the cream. Hold it by twisting edge of the bag. (If you hold the cream, it will melt.) Outside: Roses - spin and pipe. Center: Shells - push down strongly and pull back towards you.
17. Decorate with fruit. I stuck on a piece of cheese cake this time. Varnish the fruits with nappage.
18. If you have cake crumbs, scatter them on the bottom edge of the cake where it's sitting on the plate. Use a spatula to help them stick on.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wrote this because I managed to make a beautiful cake and I wanted to remember how I did it, plus I wanted to show juniors at the store I used to work at.

Rough Estimate:
10 cm: Whipping cream 150 ml Sugar 16 g (8%)
15 cm: Whipping cream 250 ml Sugar 20 g
18 cm: Whipping cream 300 ml Sugar 24 g