Loquat Seed Vinegar

Loquat Seed Vinegar

The seeds of loquats apparently help blood flow and are filled with components that increase immunity. So, let's drink the magical essence of loquat-blended vinegar to get through the summer with vibrant energy.

Ingredients: as needed

Loquat seeds
Apple vinegar (or black vinegar)
about 300 ml


1. First, eat the fruit of the biwa. Save the seeds to use for this recipe.
2. Wash the seeds and dry the excess moisture well.
3. Combine the vinegar and seeds in a jar and store it in the refrigerator. It will be ready after about 1 month.
4. Use this vinegar just like any other vinegar, or add some sweet honey to make a delicious loquat vinegar drink.

Story Behind this Recipe

I usually make loquat alcohol with white liquor every year, but that kind of alcohol has a specific time period in which it needs to be consumed. Plus, you can't drive after drinking. Since I have a low alcohol tolerance, I can only drink a small amount. But with vinegar, you don't need to worry about getting drunk and you can freely enjoy the vital energy of loquats.